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Exhibition location OASE
Bravis hospital, Roosendaal

Overview of the exhibition location “OASE” in the Bravis hospital, Roosendaal

Versplintering / FragmentationThe Bravis hospital is constantly working on building up a collection of contemporary art that includes the work of young makers and that of artists with proven talent go hand in hand and reinforce each other. The hospital has set up an art committee for this purpose in which an external advisor takes place. Art in a hospital is important. Art contributes to the well-being of patients, visitors and staff. With a relatively small budget, the Bravis hospital collects contemporary art by artists from the Netherlands and Belgium. Incidental assignments are also issued.

New developments and young talented artists are followed closely, with the main interest in works that have a mark clear development in the artist’s oeuvre. The Bravis hospital is not limited to one specific discipline or style. The collection ranges from sculptures to paintings and from installations to possibly in the near future video art and interactive art. The collection is located in areas accessible to the public.

contact extern art advisor:
Bea de Visser,