Leaden landscape


Leaden landscape originated in 2002 while I was working in the region of the Cathars, near Montségur, France. This region and its history influenced my work. The Cathars, members of an oppressed Christian sect, were settled in the Languedoc. In the year 1244, the last survivors of this sect were accused of heresy and burned at a gigantic stake on this mountain.

The resemblance of this historical fact and current news issues struck me as an enduring image. It may be clear that from a technological and scientific point of view mankind has continued to evolve. From an emotional point of view however we have not made a lot of progress.

Leaden landscape is about the juxtaposition between our daily life and environment and that of life in other parts of the world as presented to us by the media, and how we are being influenced by this. Press photos of destroyed cities were the starting point for these objects; destruction frozen as an aesthetic moment.

The structure of the work was built up through the years. The first series fragmentation was followed by target/after the troubles. These together are the cause for the installation leaden landscape.