An exhibition organized by Trudy Kunkeler because of the book presentation ‘in between sculpture’.
She has invited three co-exhibitors, who have comparable starting points in their work.

Anne Ausloos (B)
Eve Ariza (And)
Jeroen Bechtold (NL)

 The book presentation and opening of the exhibition take place on Sunday the 2th of September at 15:00 h. in DordtYart. The opening will be performed by Piet Augustijn, former-curator contemporary art of the Gorcums Museum. 

From Saturday the 1th of September until Sunday the 7th of October DordtYart will be opened every weekend from Friday until Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00 h.
Free entrance at the book presentation. 

DordtYart / Maasstraat 11 / 3313 CR Dordrecht /